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The Trinity Group, Inc.

Technology consultants - designers - project managers - COMMISSIONING AGENTS - providing design excellence since 1993


The Trinity Group, Inc. is a Technology Integration , Data Networking and Telecommunications Consulting and Design firm, working within Education, Healthcare,Correctional, Commercial and Industrial fields, providing services directly to Clients, Architects and Engineers.


Our firm specializes in complete design, along with full bid/RFP documentation packages which include full project and program  management services. Our Telecommunications and Data Network Engineering and Design work is EIA/TIA and BICSI® compliant with all current TDM and LAN requirements.


The Trinity Groups objective is to provide our clients with "Technovation", the marriage of Technology and Innovation. We offer unequaled Design and Consulting Services in the implementation of Smart Building Technology and Integration.


Architects and Engineers

Services directly provided to and coordinated with Architect and Electrical Engineering firms.


Correctional Institutions

Design and Consulting Services for sophisticated facilities


Educational Facilities (K12 and beyond)

A full set of design services for our K-12 and College/University Clients


Healthcare Facilities

A broad scope of services in design and implementation of medical offices, clinics and hospitals


Commercial & Industrial

Cutting edge technology integration into Fortune 1000 firms


Themed Entertainment Venues and Parks

Making fun of Technology


Research Facilities

Hi-tech research for tomorrows vision


Division 16, 27 & 28 Services

Professional design services provided direct to Architects and coordinated with other Engineering disciplines.

Building Systems Commissioning and System Verification

Full Project Commissioning Services for all aspects of Building Technology and Systems based on ASHRE  Standard 202 “Commissioning Process for Buildings and Systems”.


  1. Technology Needs Assessments

  1. Project Management

  1. Technology Staff Training

  1. IT & AV Consulting / Design

  1. End-of-Life Cycle Analysis

The Trinity Group also provides these services...

  1. Commissioning with Installation Verification and Testing